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2 Narenj Regular Font

Narenj Regular is a modern Arabic font that offers a unique and elegant look. Designed by Kamal Mansour, this font offers a perfect blend of contemporary design and traditional Arabic calligraphy. It has become popular among designers for its unique look and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a variety of design projects.

One of the primary features of Narenj Regular is its legibility, making it an ideal choice for print and digital media. The font’s design includes ample space between characters and lines, which helps to ensure that text is easy to read even in smaller font sizes. Its high legibility makes it an ideal choice for body text, captions, and other smaller text applications.

Another key feature of Narenj Regular is its versatility. The font is available in multiple weights, from light to bold, making it suitable for various design projects. Whether you are designing a website, a print advertisement, or a mobile app, this font can be used to create a range of text styles and effects.

Narenj Regular is not only a highly functional font but also visually appealing. The font’s design is based on traditional Arabic calligraphy, with flowing lines and elegant curves, which gives it an authentic feel. This feature makes it perfect for designers looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their designs.

Narenj Regular also offers excellent support for various languages that use the Arabic script. It includes a wide range of characters, including ligatures and diacritics, making it an ideal choice for designers who need to create designs that require text in multiple languages.

In summary, Narenj Regular is a highly versatile and aesthetically pleasing Arabic font that offers excellent legibility and support for various languages. Whether you are a graphic designer, a web designer, or a digital marketer, this font is an excellent choice for creating high-quality designs that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Font Information

Font Name2 Narenj Regular Font
Font StyleRegular
Font TypeTrueType
Font EmbeddingInstallable
Font TagsNarenj Regular
Number of GlyphsNone
Font File Size9.1 KB
Total Downloads789
Font Rating3.8
Narenj Regular Font Information

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2 Narenj Regular Font character map

Narenj Regular Font chpmap
Narenj Regular Font chpmap

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